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Design & Engineering

To know how to best design a broadband infrastructure, and to minimize the overall budget requirement, we start our design process with a comprehensive audit of any existing systems, and how this infrastructure may (or may not) be best utilized to support a broader effort. We analyze current fiber and wireless assets to provide recommendations for expansion plans including documenting design specifications guidelines. We prepare a pre-engineered design of the outside plant from which reliable construction costs are projected, which includes an analysis of buried and aerial construction with running line calculations.

Based on the intelligence gathered, we design recommended service areas with logical boundaries as determined by an analysis of optimal fiber aggregation points, existing fiber infrastructure, Rights of Way, demographics, areas of need, natural and structural barriers and projected community growth. This can be further utilized as the baseline for field engineering, securing Rights of Way and cabinet/hub sites, and preparing construction drawings. Additionally, we prepare GIS maps of the network design consistent with the outside plant design and overall network objectives including desired scalability, usable life, and proposed routes for “last mile” options. The design will also include necessary electronics, servers, Operational Support Systems/Business Support Systems (“OSS/BSS”) systems, security and interconnecting facilities.

The four key components of the Design & Engineering service are:

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